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The Missouri ECKANKAR Newsletter

Apr - Jun 2024 Missouri Newsletter and Events

Jan - Mar 2024 Missouri Newsletter and Events
Please Note:
This is an update and change to info in the January-March Newsletter.
Page 2, Springfield
Spiritual Discussions at the Library Center
The time is the same, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

This event is now the fourth Wednesday not the third Wednesday of each month.
January 24
Good Karma, Bad Karma, Beyond Karma
Embrace your true spiritual destiny

February 28
The Power of Gratitude: A Key to Spiritual Living

March 27
Spiritual Connection to Health and Healing



Experience the spiritual wonders of the 2023 ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Seminar from anywhere!
Now streaming through January 31, 2024.

This year's theme is The Power of Grace: A Secret to Spiritual Living.

Featured events include:

  • Sri Harold's keynote talk: Grateful for ECK and the Teacher Too!;
  • all main-stage talks and performances; and
  • the 2023 digital Spiritual Art Gallery.

Preview the program for details.


  • NEW episode of the ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Podcast-Animals Are Souls Too: A Heartwarming Goose Tale.
  • ECK Soul Adventure Magazine-How Do We Soul Travel?
  • Youth and Family Adventures-A fun page of engaging videos and activities for youth and families (link to youth and family adventures available after registration).
  • New to Eckankar? Be our guest! Registration is complimentary.

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Animals are Soul Blog
In this blog you'll find inspiring, real-life stories about the
amazing gifts of divine love animals bring to all of us.
Filled with heart-opening examples of spiritual insights and
truths, these articles can help you find answers to your
deepest questions about life, love, and the divine purpose of Soul.
Discover the many ways animals spiritually enrich our lives and can
act as an instrument of God's love for all life.


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